Album Review: Luna Love's "Atmosphelia"

I downloaded this on the day it was released, 12/28/11, and kept it on my computer and my phone. I can honestly say I know about 85% of the lyrics on each song. I've been listening to this album since the release date up until the day my other phone stopped working. Stupid phone...though I have the album on my computer, I just don't listen to it on here as much as I used to. But, as a matter of fact, I'm going to listen to the album just to make things easier for blogging purposes.
{Clicks play button on iTunes}

So...this is something I can call true [ART]. Being that it is [ART], I can't really rate this album. I can give it a 5/5, or a 10/10 or something, but I'm not. I'm just going to say that this is one of my favorite albums of all time. And that's not something I just throw around.
I think they put their all into the album, and I'm really feeling it. But how did I even get to find this album in the first place? Well...I'll give you the full story. I was listening to "Molliwhopped" by Earl Sweatshirt, which happened to be produced by Loofy, also known as Weird Eye, also known as K.Solar. I don't quite remember how, but I got to find him on Facebook and added him. Being that he's on my Facebook news feed, I saw him and Mylo Mu post about "Atmosphelia." According to Mylo Mu, who I talked to just minutes before typing up this review, this whole album was produced only by both Mylo Mu and Weird Eye, also known as the ILL CHILDREN altogether, completely! So, we got Mylo Mu and Weird Eye on the beat, and Luna Love on the vocals. We got ourselves a very deadly trio, all under the age of 20!

I have a few favorite songs on here. UltraConsiousness tops the list. Next would be Inconcievabull Notions. 3rd? Snakeheads. Number four would have to be Moon5Power. Last, but surely not least...the Outro. Yes, the outro is one of my has a very strong message in the beginning and end, as well as throughout, but I like how the speech was intertwined with the song.

"Atmosphelia," by Luna Love is hereby declared a Wolf At Midnight favorite.

Download the album here.
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