Slideshow: Takeshi Photography

So, you see the post before this one, called "Abstract Music" Flako - Broken Toy?" Yeah, I typed that in almost a million times because I love the song. But, When I typed it in, this video called "Takeshi Photography" always pops up. So I clicked it, thinking it would at least be a slideshow with "Flako - Broken Toy" in the background. It wasn't, but I damn near fell in love with the photography. The song used kind of reminds me of A$AP Rocky in the beginning. Anyways, amazing shots! I definitely need to step up my photography game. View my photography here. Enjoy the photos!
Side note: I tried Google searching "Takeshi Photography," "Red Fruits Photography," "Takeshi Red Fruits Photography," and still no success on finding the photographer who owns this artwork...If I find anything I'll definitely keep you all posted.